More Detail About What We Believe as Followers of Christ

Islam is a religion of works and commitments that are mandatory for salvation. Christianity is a religion of faith and forgiveness.

For all of Christianity, the defining statement is as follows:

“For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son so that whoever believes in him will not perish, but have everlasting life.”              — John 3: 16 (NKJV)

True Christians understand that we cannot “force” anyone to believe in God, the Judeo-Christian God. It is an individual choice to have a “relationship” with God, the Master of the universe.

Our Christian Beliefs Continued in Detail:

(Each denomination’s specific doctrine may differ slightly, but the following beliefs are quite universal.)


*GOD does exist.

*There can only be ONE True God, ONE Truth. He is who He is, just as you are who you are. There is only ONE of you. Others cannot create who you are. There will never be another human being like you, just as there is only ONE God; we are made in his image.

*GOD created all things.

*GOD created mankind in his image to commune with Him, and He LOVES us. He created us for amazing fellowship with Him. He loves each and every human being on the planet.

*God gave us choice in loving Him, because being forced to love is not love, just as being forced to give is not giving, and being forced to believe is not believing. We can choose to love Him, or not.

*Mankind chose NOT to love GOD, which means we live in this world without Him when we deny that He exists and/or when we choose evil over good.

*Evil is real and there is one ruler of evil — Satan. God also gave the angels choice. Many left God and followed the one who wished to be his own god. God has handed over the keys to this world to Satan, who rules with and in darkness (life without God). But God will return and restore His creation to Him as He stated in Revelation.

*GOD provided mankind with The Ten Commandments (laws to help all of mankind live in peace) for those who chose to love Him, but mankind is incapable of perfection, because we chose to love ourselves first.

*GOD created a way for all to be reconciled to Him in our imperfection: JESUS. Jesus is God incarnate.  His coming to earth replaced the law only in the sense that we are incapable of doing anything to save ourselves from our own evil inclinations and an eternity without Him.  We as human beings desire our own wishful gain above God’s wisdom and love. But believing that His love came to save us is the path to life eternal. Think of it this way:

  1. God created us.
  2. We rejected Him.
  3. Jesus came for us in love and mercy; GOD came back for us!

Though we rejected His love in the first place, the Creator decided to come back and die as one of us–KILLED by His own creation–to prove His love. (Compare that concept to the Islamic concept of killing in the name of Allah to rid the world of non-Muslims, or Kafirs.)

*JESUS (God with us) died for all mankind, meaning he experienced human life, death and absolute  darkness (hell). Afterward, he rose again to prove that we have life eternal with God, who loves us and wants us to be with Him!  Imagine the Creator of ALL THINGS dying for His creation to prove how much he loves us!

*You can love God, by recognizing JESUS and following his Word to the best of your ability.  If you do this, you will live forever with God and those who love Him.

*Doing good deeds does not matter to God if you will not recognize his TRUE existence. You cannot be your own god and make your own rules. Can the creation dictate to the Creator? Can a pot tell the potter what to do?

*You can choose NOT to love God by choosing NOT to recognize JESUS, but that will mean you will live without God and not have everlasting life. Jesus IS God incarnate, manifested in human form. He is also Spirit (as we are spirit in His image) — so he is Father, Son and Holy Spirit — but he is ONE. (Just as a man can be a father, son, brother. Or a woman can be a Mother, Daughter, sister — one person with different roles.)

*We, as Christians, are called to love all people. That does not mean we are called to love the actions of all people. We are called to love them, share the news of God’s love and help them find their way to Him so that they may live forever and enjoy life everlasting. We are called to love Muslims, but we cannot condone their doctrine-approved taxation, disdain, hatred, torture and murder of non-Muslims.

*We all have the spirit of God within us if we choose to recognize it for what it is — an eternal-life spirit given to us by God alone.

*Life without God is life without light, which means you will live in darkness and fear without God, both now and for all eternity.

*The Bible is God’s inspired Word. Within it is everything you need to live a an amazingly content life–even in the midst of trials, which come to all of us.

*The messages in the Bible are not recognizable to all; if you do not wish to know God, you will not hear Him speak to you. You will not read his Word and understand what it says.

*God can speak to you through His Word, through dreams and dark speech (such as parables or symbols) and through other people and circumstances . . . if you are willing to open your ears, your eyes and your heart.

*Your life will be amazingly different and much more enjoyable the day you accept that you are loved by the Creator of the Universe. HE is the authority above all things — above the stars, the land, the sea. He is above ALL world governments and above any and all man-made creations. He is above YOU.

*What is only partially clear on earth will be made clear in God’s eternal time. Let’s face it. If you believe in God, who created all things, then we can’t know everything God knows.

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