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Muslim Demands Sharia Law in U.S.

“Sharia is a process, which interprets the life of Mohammed and the Koran, so it applies to everyday lives. The truth is, it’s much more than a series of laws . . . it’s how to pray, how to do anything you can imagine in your life. The purpose of Sharia is to be more than a book of laws . . . it’s to force every human being to live a life exactly like Mohammed.” — Dr. Bill Warner

At some point, there may be enough Muslims in the U.S. to sway judges’ opinions concerning Muslims’ demands to use Sharia law in our court system, especially when Muslims are being appointed to the bench.

In Minnesota, which has a large and growing population of Muslim immigrants, the brother of a Muslim taxi driver, who died in an accident, demanded the man’s widow hand over 75% of the estate to the mother and siblings, which would leave the widow with only 25% in adherence to Sharia law.

American law prevailed in this case, but how many more times will Muslims bring Sharia to court? This isn’t the first time, and it certainly won’t be the last.  The very Constitution and the laws that protect our freedoms in the U.S. are being undermined by Muslim immigrants who will not assimilate into American society and abide by American law. Period.


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