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The Muslim Mafia is in America

A brave man named Chris Gaubatz infiltrated the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) as an intern and gained access to first-hand evidence that CAIR is connected to the Muslim Brotherhood. Both organizations have a goal to establish Islamic law in the U.S. Read the story and watch the interview at WND.

Do you believe as a pastor that Islam is just another way to “God”? Or do yo know a pastor who believes this to be true? Present the evidence that shows the true goals behind the growth of Islam in the world . . . and that includes America.


What if “the government” did control his mind?

The latest round of ISIS-inspired violence in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida on January 6, 2017, is another notch in the belt of evil incarnate. The more it happens, the more numb and apathetic we become to the absolute and intentional destruction of freedom, specifically the American brand of freedom.

The alleged gunman, Esteban Santiago, is said to have “walked into an FBI office claiming he was being forced to fight for ISIS” and that “the government controlled his mind.” What if the young soldier’s seemingly psychotic statement is actually true? Hard to fathom, but if you believe in the power struggle of good against evil, anything is possible.

We live in an age when “truth” has become a lie, and lies have become “truth.” Is it so far-fetched to think that our own government, which is made up of people — both good and, yes, evil — would not stoop so low as to try to create chaos in order to gain more control of the free world? No evidence exists to that end, but it is a thought to ponder within our enlightened age of globalism and corruption. What better way to strike fear into the heart of a freedom-loving nation?

As long as Islam is viewed as “a peaceful religion,” in which Mohammadin doctrine is capable of influencing human beings to the point of creating murderous groups such as ISIS, Hamas, Al-Qaeda, etc., in the name of “god,” the slow, chipping away of freedom — religious and otherwise — will exist until freedom is no more.

Take the veil from your eyes, ears and mind. Wake up to the reality of Islam and the evil that surrounds it.

Read the details about the most recent ISIS-inspired shooting in America from The Sun.

The Real History of the Middle East

Read a brief history of the Middle East from American Minute. Understand where the first empirical powers were located as mentioned in the Old Testament, and then how Islam came to power, beginning in 634 A.D., and claimed the advancements of other civilizations as their own.

Read the entire article.


New Code Words for Islamic Terrorism: “Mental Illness”

I beg of you, pastors: Be aware of your surroundings, and that includes what is happening in the media. Deception is at a peak, and it includes a brazen manipulations of words, something with which Satan has much experience. He twisted the words of the Old Testament over and over as he tried to temp Jesus in the desert. Why would his tactics change today? Stand — as Jesus stood — for Truth.

Understand that today you will read and hear the words “mental illness” in place of Islamic terrorism after an Islamic terrorist or sympathizer has committed a heinous act of violence.  All the more reason you should arm your parishioners with knowledge and truth.

“We should call it what it is.”

Christians face extinction from “non-violent” Islam. Syrian Catholic leader quotes Muslim pledge: ‘Jihad is our way’

While the Pope states the current state of war being raged across the world by jihadists has “nothing to do with Islam and Islamists,” Patriarch Ignatius Joseph III Younan of the Syriac Catholic Church begs to differ, and publicly. He relates that the very churches that came into existence because of the apostles are at risk of disappearing if the West does not take action.

“Who taught these two young men who slaughtered the priest? Their imam alienated them as children and as youth, and told them to memorize all the verses of the Quran.”

Read more from

“Jesus is a Slave of Allah”

The English-language magazine of the Islamic State claims Jesus was “a slave to Allah.” The latest issue is a call to Christians to abandon Christianity for Islam.

Read the entire article.

How will you help your parishioners fight this spiritual battle? Start here.

When Violence is a Virtue

Winston Churchill described Islam as a: “… system of ethics, which regards treachery and violence as virtues rather than vices.”

Read the daily headlines; it’s rare to find a day when Islamic violence is not in the news. Churchill new the future would hold great consequences for civilization if the world failed to recognize the “system” that is Islam. The future is now. The “system” of virtuous violence is gaining ground. How will civilized people stop the destruction? The first step is to understand that Islam is not part of our ecumenical (involving people from different kinds of Christian churches) society. We do not serve the same God, especially when treachery and violence are regarded as virtues rather than vices. Pastors, understand! We are in the middle of a spiritual war.


Onward Christian . . . Soldiers?


I stood in a church one Sunday and listened to a young woman express her disdain for the hymn Onward Christian Soldiers. In her view, the word “soldiers” should not be used in the context of Christianity; it was politically incorrect and offensive.  Obviously, she hasn’t read much about how Paul lived and what he wrote, nor does she understand, as Christian author Mike Adams puts it, “Jesus was not Mr. Rogers. He had little tolerance for the smug moral superiority of those who grasp the truth but lack the faith and courage necessary to defend it.”

You may think the following article by Mr. Adams has nothing to do with the subject of this website. Oh, but it does. Please read “Onward Christian Pansies.”

Who do you work for — God or man? When was the last time you truly lived everything that you believe? Preached everything that you believe? Even at the cost of your “job”? Depending upon your answers, you may want to dive deeper into your handbook (God’s Bible) to understand your requirements as His employee (soldier for Christ).

In 2 Timothy, Paul encourages Timothy, a man who would have to step up and lead, to "endure hardship like a good soldier." We are to march in line behind Christ, stand the test and not be ashamed of the Gospel. Speak it! Live it! Whatever it costs! 

Paul says we are not to be "entangled with civilian affairs." That means we are not to be involved in pursuits that are of the world and not of God. At the same time, we are not to be silent concerning the Gospel in order to avoid human hardship at the hands of other humans because we fear losing our friends, our jobs -- our lives.  

"Endure everything for the sake of the elect." We must endure everything for the sake of The Church, those who believe in the Kingdom of God, because we are under His superior leadership and must obey and please Him first. We are to die to this world (and the opinions that are contrary to God's Word) and serve in God's army. Read that last sentence again. Are you getting entangled in people's worldly and Godless opinions just to get along? Paul knew he had to leave and was warning the timid Timothy that he must stand firm and direct The Church in order to become a worker "approved by God." In other words, none of us can be Christian  pansies and expect God's approval.


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