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Time to Get Off Your Knees

Pray -- And then take ACTION

God is not apathetic or inactive. Follow His example.

Look at the world, pastors. Your Christian brothers and sisters — and even unbelievers — are being slaughtered like flies by a radical, violent and ungodly religion that has an agenda to rule over all. We are called to pray in these situations, but it’s time to get off your knees, end your silence and take action.

*If you have turned a blind eye to the violence against God’s people, He will turn a blind eye to you.

*If your parishioners are uninformed as to why the violence is happening, you need to be the one doing the educating.

*If you think God wants you to remain silent and/or defend Islam, you need to read your Bible. 

Jesus said, “No one comes to the Father except through me.” Is that what you are teaching? Or are you more concerned with the teachings of Humanism than of God?

The Church is failing miserably. God will hold all pastors accountable.


More Christians Fleeing the Middle East

Mainstream press continues to turn a blind eye to the persecution of Christians by Muslims.

Read more.

“Militants are sending the government a message; saying they can change part of the country’s demographics. This is a dangerous precedent.”     — researcher Ishak Ibrahim of the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights

“Bankrupt Professors and Pastors”

Dr. Bill Warner discusses “bankrupt professors and pastors.” 

France: 245% Rise in Anti-Christian Attacks

Since 2008, the number of attacks on Christians in France has risen by 245%. Why are the eyes of the world veiled from truth concerning Islam?

From Christian Daily . . .



2016 U.S. Syrian Refugee Resettlement up 675%, 99.1% Muslim

CNS news reports that of the 13,210 Syrian refugees resettled into the U.S. in 2016, 99.1%, or 13, 100, are Muslims . . . and 77 are Christians. The most important red flag about this immigration is buried within the very last sentence of the article:

“One new report estimates that the Syrian Christian population has dropped from 1.25 million in 2011 to less than 500,000 this year.”

CNS states that as the civil war began in 2011, 74% of the Syrian population was Sunni Muslim and 10 percent was Christian.

Question: Why would more than 700,000 Christians — of the 1.25 million, or only 10% of the population, who lived in Syria — abandon their homeland?

Answer: Because they were forced to do so by Muslims who have escalated the war and will not live in harmony with anyone except fellow Muslims. Christians face losing their lives or fleeing their home country. And it’s not just happening in Syria. The phenomenon is reality all throughout the Middle East.

Now apply these facts and numbers to the immigration of Muslims (legal and illegal) in America today and you will understand the importance of the last sentence in the article.  Read the posts within this website that contain facts and figures about Muslim immigration and integration (or lack thereof)  and ask yourself:

“Will Christians in America still be free to:

  • Celebrate Christmas,
  • Wear crosses in public,
  • Sing Christmas carols,
  • Attend church services on Sundays,
  • Or even pray and discuss the Bible in our own homes within the next 10 years if Muslim immigration continues at the current pace, or at higher levels?

We’ve already seen the myriad of news stories over the years about Christians who have been told to take a back seat to Muslim beliefs in American society.

Read the entire CNS article about the current state of Muslim immigration in the U.S.

Read the agenda of the Muslim Brotherhood. Pay close attention to Page 6 and the Muslim Brotherhood Agenda:

The Muslim Brotherhood Agenda

Muslims in Syria Burn Men in Oven, “Kneaded” Children in Bakery Machines

I begin this post with the word “Muslims” in the title, as opposed to “Radical Muslims,” because if Christians were committing such atrocities, the media would not label them as “radical Christians,” but only as “Christians.” To all the “peaceful” Muslims in the world, I will ask the question that the media will not: Why are you are not crying out to your fellow Muslims and trying to stop the insanity?  The answer: Although many Muslims may not follow their own Islamic doctrine, the actual doctrine of Islam found in the Koran, the Hadith and the Sira is being acted out by “radical” Muslims.

But let’s not stop with Muslims. I heard, with my own ears, a Christian pastor actually state that “Muslims in the Middle East weren’t really Christians anyway.” Some days it is hard to get up in the morning, knowing the sad, apathetic, veiled state of human logic and understanding. Every Christian in America needs to consider the reality of the following (buried) news story, and imagine the events happening in Chicago, Davenport, Phoenix, Dallas . . . any city in the country. In God’s eyes, we are all brothers and sisters. Why don’t we act like it? Why can’t we do something, other than throw our hands in the air and pretend it’s not happening?

Watch this video to the end and imagine that you are the woman who witnessed the evil that is Radical (the real) Islam:

AP – Inside the Mind of an ‘Honor’ Killer (Muslim)

His sister married a Christian, so he had “no choice” but to kill her.

Abuse of Christian Girls Considered “Right” by Muslim Men

The Gatestone International Policy Council has published a report stating that Islamic law is more harsh for women than men. Muslim men view Christian girls as “spoils of war” and slaves to their whims.

Read more.

Why Don’t Christians Study the History of Their Own Persecution?

Today in the West, we see the beginning of the annihilation of our civilization due to the deference we pay to Islamic migration and Sharia and we refuse to see the true nature and goals of Islam—complete domination of all aspects of our society.

— Dr. Bill Warner


The Bible is a handbook on how to live life, and it cannot stand as such without also being a history book. If we fail to understand the relevance of history in our lives, we risk losing basic freedoms, including how we worship as Christians, and that’s already happening around the world today.

So why does the The Church fail to study the history of it’s own persecution? You know the saying, “History just repeats itself.” Watch the incredibly informative Bill Warner video on “Hijra, Islamic Migration” and see the history of Islam unfold . . . and repeat itself. How absolutely mind blowing that most Christians today are unable to comprehend what we are facing! Islam has an agenda: Everyone on earth should be a Muslim.

Will you share this information with your church?!

Syrian Pastor Risks All, Warns the West

The Western world has to know what is inside the Koran.The world is in trouble and chaos because of radical Muslim teachings. A lot of them are coming to Europe and America. — Pastor Saeed Ziadah

As a refugee from the Middle East, Pastor Saeed Ziadah and his wife thought they would be safe to talk about Christ and the Gospel in his new home of Norway. Even in Norway, he receives death threats, but he continues to share God’s Word.

American pastors have a hard time standing up to their own congregations and speaking Truth. Would you risk your life to share the love of Christ with Muslims? We can learn much from our Middle Eastern brothers and sisters. Sadly, their warnings concerning the teachings of Islam are falling on deaf Western-World ears.

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 10.44.10 AMWatch the video and read the whole story at CBN News.


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