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“Allah” of the Koran Only Loves Muslims

If Christian Children Said the Same

Imagine the uproar if the Christian faith taught children that beheading was a valid method of punishment for anyone who did not adhere to the doctrine of Christianity. In Australia, children as young as five years old are threatening their teachers with violence and beheading. Read the article from Australia’s HeatStreet.

Understand: These children are learning young how to be the face of Islam. And where are they learning it? From parents who will not assimilate into non-Muslim societies and will eventually demand Sharia law.

Legislators in Montana Make a Bold Move

CNS News reports that the Montana Judiciary has created a bill which bans the “application of foreign laws in Montana.” The bill does not mention Sharia law, but many are calling it the “Sharia law bill.”

The governor of Montana, Democrat Steve Bulluck, would have to consider signing the bill into law should it pass in the House. With that reality, the bill has the same chance of becoming law as a woman living under Sharia law might have trying to wear a swim suit to the beach.

The bill is logical. Why should any application of foreign law exist anywhere in any state in America? The Montana legislators understand that our Constitution and our laws are already being tested in American courts by Muslims who will never assimilate and wish to see Sharia rule the world.

Read more.

“Bankrupt Professors and Pastors”

Dr. Bill Warner discusses “bankrupt professors and pastors.” 

Army Places Muslim in Charge of 14k Soldiers

Read the full story.

Did Lt. Col. Khallid Shabazz get his new job as an army chaplain as a validation of “hard work” or because he is Muslim in a politically correct world?  Whatever the case, he is now the “spiritual leader for over 14,000 Christian soldiers.”

The Army is oblivious to the true teachings of Islam.  Satan must be smiling as he gets more of his way on this earth, distracting people from Truth as they worship gods with any name in the name “God.” It’s sickening to the pit of the stomach to know that a man who professed Jesus (or did he?) at one point in his life has turned his back on the Savior of all humanity to bow down to the teachings of a self-made prophet, pedophile, and hater and murderer of Christians and Jews.

For those of you who profess Christianity, and believe that all worship leads to “God,” read the words of Jesus — all of them — and compare them to the words of Mohamed — all of them. Islam teaches that Jesus was a “prophet” only. In a Muslim’s world, Jesus is nothing more than one of us — not the Son of God. Not the Savior of the world. Just a “good man.” If Jesus was only a “good man,” how can a “good man” also be a liar?

What if “the government” did control his mind?

The latest round of ISIS-inspired violence in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida on January 6, 2017, is another notch in the belt of evil incarnate. The more it happens, the more numb and apathetic we become to the absolute and intentional destruction of freedom, specifically the American brand of freedom.

The alleged gunman, Esteban Santiago, is said to have “walked into an FBI office claiming he was being forced to fight for ISIS” and that “the government controlled his mind.” What if the young soldier’s seemingly psychotic statement is actually true? Hard to fathom, but if you believe in the power struggle of good against evil, anything is possible.

We live in an age when “truth” has become a lie, and lies have become “truth.” Is it so far-fetched to think that our own government, which is made up of people — both good and, yes, evil — would not stoop so low as to try to create chaos in order to gain more control of the free world? No evidence exists to that end, but it is a thought to ponder within our enlightened age of globalism and corruption. What better way to strike fear into the heart of a freedom-loving nation?

As long as Islam is viewed as “a peaceful religion,” in which Mohammadin doctrine is capable of influencing human beings to the point of creating murderous groups such as ISIS, Hamas, Al-Qaeda, etc., in the name of “god,” the slow, chipping away of freedom — religious and otherwise — will exist until freedom is no more.

Take the veil from your eyes, ears and mind. Wake up to the reality of Islam and the evil that surrounds it.

Read the details about the most recent ISIS-inspired shooting in America from The Sun.

Some “Good News” Within the Chaos in Germany

God’s light is shining at the end of the refugee tunnel in Germany as some Muslims convert to Christianity.  Pray for the safety and well-being of these new Christians. Their choice will not be an easy one to live out; they may face hatred, violence and even death by their own Muslim friends and family members, who will be acting on the teachings and directives of Islam.

Read the Yahoo news story.

A Muslim Student Challenges Ravi Zacharias

Ravi Zacharias is a brilliant Christian Apologist. Watch Zacharias respectfully answer a Muslim student, who believes that Islam is the authority when it comes to God.


The Fraud of Islam in America

Islam in Dearborn, Michigan

Watch the video

No integration.

No interaction.

No diversity.

No respect for America, the host country, let alone Americans.

No respect for anything that is not Islam.

From Dennis Michael

Sharia and The Constitution: Compatible?

Read the very informative article by Bill Federer to understand the history of Islam as it relates to the first settlers in America . . . and how it relates today.  Decide for yourself if Islam is compatible with the The Constitution of the United States.

“Should a nation grant freedom of speech to those whose ultimate goal is to abolish freedom of speech?”

Read the full article.

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