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Another Story Mainstream Media Ignores

While the talking heads continue to push their own agendas, one story is screaming to be heard: The federal government estimates that 100 young girls in Michigan may have been the victims of genital mutilation at the hands of a Muslim doctor.

Read the story at the Detroit Free Press

Pastors, is there any good reason that we should not be bringing this story into the light? Horrific things are happening to children in the Muslim world under the guise of “religious practices” . . . even in America. Because the religion is called “Islam,” Americans — Christians included — ignore what is happening right under our noses.

FGM – What is it and who is practicing it?

Ayaan Hirsi Ali is famous for speaking out against the abuse that young girls suffer when cultures practice FGM (Female Genital Mutilation). Ali is a victim herself.

Recently, a Michigan grand jury indicted two doctors and one other person for practicing FGM, which is viewed as a crime in the U.S.

Though the practice can be found in more than one religion, you can guess which religion is that the forefront of the list.

Read the article by Ali to learn more about FGM.

Visit Ali’s website.

“The AHA Foundation is the leading organization working to end honor violence that shames, hurts or kills thousands of women and girls in the US each year, and puts millions more at risk.” (from the AHA website)

“Bankrupt Professors and Pastors”

Dr. Bill Warner discusses “bankrupt professors and pastors.” 

The Fraud of Islam in America

Islam in Dearborn, Michigan

Watch the video

No integration.

No interaction.

No diversity.

No respect for America, the host country, let alone Americans.

No respect for anything that is not Islam.

From Dennis Michael

Where are the Feminists?

If you have never read the basic principles of Feminist Theory, please do. Then you might like to read the “Mission and Principles” of Feminism. As you may have guessed before even accessing these links, Feminists want to create “bold, new strategies and programs to advance women’s equality . . . ”

So where are the Feminists when it comes to Islam? As a Christian woman, I’ve had to endure long lectures from Atheists/Feminists on how rotten Christianity is for all women as they misinterpret Paul’s writings in the book of Romans and more. Try to have a conversation about Islam and the door of conversation is shut immediately. The lecturers either turn and run, or expound on the “beauty” of Islam, or justify it as “just another religion.” Tell that to Muslim women who are being tortured, raped, murdered and forced to marry men they do not love by their own Muslim family members. I’m sickened by the hypocrisy of Leftist Feminists who refuse to acknowledge the barbaric teachings of Sharia Law concerning women.

Case and Point: The U.K. is admitting that the police force is ignoring and/or refusing to take on “too hot to handle” cases of forced marriages within their Muslim communities. Read the story from

AP – Inside the Mind of an ‘Honor’ Killer (Muslim)

His sister married a Christian, so he had “no choice” but to kill her.

Abuse of Christian Girls Considered “Right” by Muslim Men

The Gatestone International Policy Council has published a report stating that Islamic law is more harsh for women than men. Muslim men view Christian girls as “spoils of war” and slaves to their whims.

Read more.

Minnesota: Sharia Preferable to American Law

Somalians in the Twin Cities “love” America, but they feel more comfortable under Sharia law. Over and over, Muslims answered: They prefer Sharia.

As an American, as a pastor, you need to understand Sharia law.

“HERETIC” – Why Islam Needs a Reformation Now

Hirsi Ali . . . agitates Muslims and non-Muslims alike by arguing, as she does in “Heretic,” that “Islamic violence is rooted not in social, economic or political conditions — or even in theological error — but rather in the foundational texts of Islam itself.” — NYT

The New York Times published an article in 2015 about Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a former Muslim woman who speaks out — bravely and loudly — against Islam. She is forced to be brave, because she is in constant danger of having her life taken by Muslims who have labeled her an enemy of Islam.

The Times reporter writes that Ayaan Hirsi Ali denounced her Muslim faith and wrote a book about it titled, “Heretic – Why Islam Needs a Reformation Now.”  In it Hirsi Ali relates how she endured genital mutilation as a child in Somalia, wore a full hijab in Kenya and re-evaluated her faith while living in the Netherlands and working with Theo Van Gogh, who was shot and stabbed after producing a film that was critical of Islam’s treatment of women.

Hirsi Ali asserts that “Islam is not a religion of  peace,” and that jihad is not a problem brought about by poverty, lack of education or other social circumstances, but rather jihad is a “religious obligation.” She calls for a secular law above Sharia law, and points to Muslim belief in Mohamed’s infallibility as the root of Muslim violence, because Mohamed’s life and teachings call for violence against non-Muslims.

Even after Hirsi Ali details her torture and peril at the hands of Islam — both as a Muslim and a Muslim woman, the New York Times writer fails to understand Hirsi Ali’s plea: Muslim clerics and all followers of Islam (and non-Muslims who know nothing about Islam) need to take a hard look at Mohamed and his teachings to understand that real reformation is needed.

Read the entire New York Times article.

Islamic Dualism at Work in Washington?

For more then 10 years, Clinton Aide Huma Abedin worked as assistant editor of the Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs  under her mother’s direction, who is currently editor-in-chief. Many might reply, “So what?” The journal’s purpose contains the answer.

The purpose of the Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs is to further the cause of Islam, of course. For those who believe that Islam is “just another religion,” a real understanding of Islamic beliefs and culture is crucial. Let’s take the subject of women, for one. You may be shocked to find that within the Islamic doctrine of women:

*A woman’s highest achievement is motherhood. Most feminists would  argue that point vehemently.

*Men and women will be judged equally on Judgement Day.  At first glance, this seems quite logical and “fair.” But by what criteria will women be judged? Islamic women are held to different standards than men and will be held to those standards on Judgement Day, also. Keep reading.

*The veil and clothing are to be used to conceal a woman’s sexuality.  For years, feminists complained about the writings of Paul in which he encourages women to dress with modesty. We hear nothing from those same feminists as Islam forces women in many parts of the world to cover their entire bodies in a black cloth (burka), leaving only their eyes to be seen. The practice is supposed to discourage men from becoming sexually aroused by women and to keep women safe from rape.  Rape is almost always the woman’s fault in Islam, by the way. (So much for the male strength and willpower Muslim society purports. In plain Islamic truth, it’s the Muslim woman who is responsible for controlling a Muslim man’s sexual behavior.)

*A woman’s behavior during her menstrual cycle must be controlled by a man.  Good luck with that one.

*Most of the people in Hell will be women. If men and women are judged “equally,” how can this be? Because . . .

*Women are less intelligent than men.  Again, where is the outrage from feminists?

*Women have half the legal standing of a man.  Recently, a Muslim man  demanded the implementation of Islamic Sharia law within the American court system to prove his belief that women are subservient and American society should abide by Sharia, not the Constitution.

*It is an insult to say that Allah has daughters.  In Christianity, all are sons and daughters of God, though not all desire to be such. God does not force us to believe in Him. “Allah” does.

If the Islamic doctrine of women is to be held as true within Islam, how can Huma Abedin hold the position she holds within American politics?

If the Islamic beliefs listed concerning women are to be held as true within Islam, how can Huma Abedin hold the position she holds within American politics, let alone work for a politician and a political organization that carries the banners for extreme feminism, abortion, gay rights and even more ideals and belief systems that fly in the face of Islamic doctrine? In 1996, Abedin’s own mother spoke out against Hillary Clinton’s belief that “women’s rights are human rights,”  arguing that “single moms, working moms, and homosexual couples with children should not be recognized as families.”

Perhaps Abedin does not fully understand her own religious beliefs, but that is unlikely.

Perhaps she adheres to “some” Islamic beliefs, which is more likely. However, if she professes to be a “devout” Muslim, which she does, devoutness in Islam demands adherence to all teachings of Mohammed.

As Dr. Bill Warner, founder of the Center for the Study of Political Islam so succinctly states, “There are only two kinds of Muslims — those who follow the Islamic doctrine and those who do not. The second kind can do whatever they want, and if it is good, then Islam gets the credit. Or they can be of the first kind and
simply be deceiving the Kafir.”

With Warner’s statement in mind, there are other very possible answers.

1. Abedin doesn’t follow Islamic doctrine, but she knows Islam will receive credit in this world, because she says she’s a Muslim, or . . .

2. Abedin is deceiving the Karifs, which puts a magnifying glass on the dualism of Islamic teachings: lying is forgivable if it furthers the cause of Islam. In order to get what you desire as a Muslim, you are forgiven for doing whatever it takes within a non-Islamic system to bring that system down in order for Islam to rule. Islamic teachings — those directed by Mohammed — tell Muslims to lie to the Kafirs (non-Muslims) to get their way. Muslims are told not to be true friends of “People of the Book” (Christians), though they are allowed to engage with them under the guise of friendship.

Considering the number of Muslims in positions of power within our own government — from political aides to recent appointment of Muslim judges to American benches — possibility #2 is more than just a disconcerting thought.

Some of the most educated people of the world are defiantly uneducated as to the true teachings of Islam.  Even in the face of rising numbers of horrific acts of terror by Muslims, they stand with Islam — so much so that acts of pure evil, brought on by Muslims obeying the teachings of Mohammed, are being swept under the rug. In reporting the latest cases of Islamic violence, the media is deliberately hiding the facts and motives by labeling those responsible as “mentally disturbed.” No mention of Islam until the truth is so apparent to the world that the reports are quietly and delicately updated. Innocent men, women and children are being raped, stabbed, beheaded, blown up, slaughtered, all at the behest of the teachings of Islam — not “radical” Islam. Islam.  Until we get that, nothing will change, and the violence against Christians will only become worse.

So what do we do with the truth of Islam as Christians?
It is not “loving” to ignore those who avow allegiance to Allah and Islam, especially if our apathy leads to the murder of innocent people.

The first line of defense in this spiritual war is for Christian pastors, and all Christians, to dive deeply into the  teachings of the Judeo-Christian God of the Bible. A May 2015 article from Pew Research stated that 70% of Americans in 2014 called themselves Christians (dropping from 78.4% from 2007). Do all of the 70% truly understand what they believe?  Of course not. Most have never read the Bible cover to cover. Even if it is read, few study it diligently. If Christians were to gain a true understanding of the magnificent string of Truth that is tied from the beginning to the end of the Bible, they would be better able to answer basic — and complicated — questions of faith. More importantly, they would be able to answer questions asked by non-believers, who are searching for real answers, and the questions of those whose focus and agenda is to taunt and tear down the true meaning and existence of God.

The second line of defense is to understand the teachings of Islam. Yes, it really is your job as a pastor to understand Islam. We cannot make up our way to God. He has already defined The Way. And when others are preaching false teachings, even within our own churches, we must stand up to the darkness. Allah is not God!

We must also realize that as so many Christians “go with the flow” without a real understanding of God, many Muslims are doing the same concerning their religion. The door is cracked open for them to receive Christ. As Jesus said in Luke 10:2:  “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.”

We can preach “love” all day long, but it is not “loving” to ignore those who avow allegiance to Allah and Islam, especially if our apathy leads to the murder of innocent people, too many of them our brothers and sisters in Christ. And what about the Islamic perpetrator of violence? Should we not be concerned for his earthly life and eternity, also?

In his 2006 book America Alone, Mark Steyn saw the writing on the wall. He predicted the influx of Muslim immigrants to the West, and violence as part of Islam’s ultimate goal to rule. Steyn calls America “the last bastion of freedom” and laments the state of The Church:  “There is no market for faith that has no faith in itself.”

Christianity is fast losing faith in itself as “all religions and gods are equal” becomes the new mantra from the pulpit. The demise of the free world gains strength as pastors ignore the consequences of watered-down faith. In contrast, Islamic followers have a steadfast faith in their god, their prophet and their doctrine. And Islam is growing.  Read the headlines. The imitation of Mohammed as “Allah’s only prophet” is at work everywhere. Even in Washington, D.C.  What will you do about it?


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