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"My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge . . ."

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Muslim Professor Demands Homage to Allah at American University

Would this fly if a professor demanded homage to Jesus at a tax-payer-funded university?

In the Words of Their Doctrine

What does the doctrine of Islam really say? In the words of the jihadist martyr who slashed innocent people in Paris who were walking down the street: “Do not be fooled and remain firm. If you can make Hijrah, do not hesitate.”

But of course, the media and far Leftist powers-that-be would submit that the “crimes” committed in our politically correct world are in pointing out such hateful actions, as opposed to the actual crimes themselves and why they are committed.

Ravi Zacharias – “You can’t know the counterfeit unless you know the genuine.”

Christian Apologist Ravi Zacharias talks about the crucial importance of knowing the difference between Christianity and Islam.

“These emergent churches are going to produce a generation of people who actually will not be able to handle the challenge of Islam and other major world religions.”


1400 Years of Islam in Five Minutes

Brigitte Gabriel explains the history of Islam concisely. 

Christian Ordered to Pay $12K Sharia Fine — In Canada

The slow creep of Sharia Law enforcement in the West continues. A Canadian Christian landlord wanted to show his property to potential renters. He gave the Muslim renters, who were planning to move out, the required 24-hour notice. His crime? He failed to remove his shoes when he entered his own property.

Read more from ACT! for America.


Dr. Bill Warner – “To Know Islam, Know Mohammed”

Dr. Bill Warner – “To Know Islam, Know Mohammed”

The starting point for conversations about Islam.

Purchase Dr. Bill Warner’s book, “The Life of Mohammed.”

Another Story Mainstream Media Ignores

While the talking heads continue to push their own agendas, one story is screaming to be heard: The federal government estimates that 100 young girls in Michigan may have been the victims of genital mutilation at the hands of a Muslim doctor.

Read the story at the Detroit Free Press

Pastors, is there any good reason that we should not be bringing this story into the light? Horrific things are happening to children in the Muslim world under the guise of “religious practices” . . . even in America. Because the religion is called “Islam,” Americans — Christians included — ignore what is happening right under our noses.

FGM – What is it and who is practicing it?

Ayaan Hirsi Ali is famous for speaking out against the abuse that young girls suffer when cultures practice FGM (Female Genital Mutilation). Ali is a victim herself.

Recently, a Michigan grand jury indicted two doctors and one other person for practicing FGM, which is viewed as a crime in the U.S.

Though the practice can be found in more than one religion, you can guess which religion is that the forefront of the list.

Read the article by Ali to learn more about FGM.

Visit Ali’s website.

“The AHA Foundation is the leading organization working to end honor violence that shames, hurts or kills thousands of women and girls in the US each year, and puts millions more at risk.” (from the AHA website)

Facts About Islam You Need to Know


  • 23% of the world’s population is Muslim – 1.6 million. About 75% of Muslims living in the Middle East believe in Sharia Law. Since late 2015, 29,000 Muslim refugees have entered the United States. Many politicians are trying to increase those numbers dramatically!
  • There are now 2,800 mosques in the U.S., 2,200 of which were opened after September 11, 2011. Some experts believe that over 80% of these are operated by the Muslim Brotherhood, a terrorist organization.
  • The goal of the Muslim Brotherhood and other extremist Islamic groups is to wage jihad against the West for the purpose of establishing Sharia law and a worldwide Islamic caliphate.
  • Sharia law calls for, among other things, execution of those who leave the Islamic faith, subjugation and mutilation of women, capital punishment for homosexuals (often by decapitation), and other horrific punishments.

Understand that the agenda of the Muslim Brotherhood is slowly working in the U.S. They will not stop until Islam rules the world. What does that agenda mean to your children and grandchildren . . . and to the freedom of all?

“Allah” of the Koran Only Loves Muslims

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