Who We Are:
We are a small grassroots group of concerned Christians from many different backgrounds who believe in One True God of love and forgiveness in the form of the Trinity: God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit.  We feel that Christian pastors in America are not doing enough to understand, speak out and take action against the persecution of Christians (and non-Christians) around the world at the hands of Political Islam. In other words, Political Islam has pitted itself against an entire world and quite frankly, we are fed up with the silence from the pulpit. Christian leaders need to recognize what is happening, understand why it’s happening, and try harder to help save lives through education and action–in that order.


Who We Are NOT:
We are not a large, influential, wealthy group of people who have created a non-profit organization to take money from the public to use it for personal gain. On the contrary. We have little money and little say in the world. We’re trying to help save lives by helping pastors understand the crucial roles they play in today’s society and how they can make a real difference by exposing Truth to darkness.

Why We Started This Project:
As Christians, we want to gather information from pastors in the United States concerning What, When, Why, Where and How they are disseminating information about what is happening to persecuted Christians–and non-Christians–throughout the U.S. and the world at the hands of Political Islam. We spend our personal money, resources and time to build and maintain this project in order to provide tools and resources to pastors and to collect data, study it and share it with those who wish to use it to help save lives.

Pastors! You are in the middle of a spiritual war. Are you just standing still, or fighting to be able to continue to help people recognize the One True God? Use the contact form below to get in touch with us for free resources and support.