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Month: June 2017

Dr. Bill Warner – “To Know Islam, Know Mohammed”

Dr. Bill Warner – “To Know Islam, Know Mohammed”

The starting point for conversations about Islam.

Purchase Dr. Bill Warner’s book, “The Life of Mohammed.”

Another Story Mainstream Media Ignores

While the talking heads continue to push their own agendas, one story is screaming to be heard: The federal government estimates that 100 young girls in Michigan may have been the victims of genital mutilation at the hands of a Muslim doctor.

Read the story at the Detroit Free Press

Pastors, is there any good reason that we should not be bringing this story into the light? Horrific things are happening to children in the Muslim world under the guise of “religious practices” . . . even in America. Because the religion is called “Islam,” Americans — Christians included — ignore what is happening right under our noses.

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