Pray -- And then take ACTION

God is not apathetic or inactive. Follow His example.

Look at the world, pastors. Your Christian brothers and sisters — and even unbelievers — are being slaughtered like flies by a radical, violent and ungodly religion that has an agenda to rule over all. We are called to pray in these situations, but it’s time to get off your knees, end your silence and take action.

*If you have turned a blind eye to the violence against God’s people, He will turn a blind eye to you.

*If your parishioners are uninformed as to why the violence is happening, you need to be the one doing the educating.

*If you think God wants you to remain silent and/or defend Islam, you need to read your Bible. 

Jesus said, “No one comes to the Father except through me.” Is that what you are teaching? Or are you more concerned with the teachings of Humanism than of God?

The Church is failing miserably. God will hold all pastors accountable.