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Month: March 2017

“Allah” of the Koran Only Loves Muslims

If Christian Children Said the Same

Imagine the uproar if the Christian faith taught children that beheading was a valid method of punishment for anyone who did not adhere to the doctrine of Christianity. In Australia, children as young as five years old are threatening their teachers with violence and beheading. Read the article from Australia’s HeatStreet.

Understand: These children are learning young how to be the face of Islam. And where are they learning it? From parents who will not assimilate into non-Muslim societies and will eventually demand Sharia law.

Legislators in Montana Make a Bold Move

CNS News reports that the Montana Judiciary has created a bill which bans the “application of foreign laws in Montana.” The bill does not mention Sharia law, but many are calling it the “Sharia law bill.”

The governor of Montana, Democrat Steve Bulluck, would have to consider signing the bill into law should it pass in the House. With that reality, the bill has the same chance of becoming law as a woman living under Sharia law might have trying to wear a swim suit to the beach.

The bill is logical. Why should any application of foreign law exist anywhere in any state in America? The Montana legislators understand that our Constitution and our laws are already being tested in American courts by Muslims who will never assimilate and wish to see Sharia rule the world.

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More Christians Fleeing the Middle East

Mainstream press continues to turn a blind eye to the persecution of Christians by Muslims.

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“Militants are sending the government a message; saying they can change part of the country’s demographics. This is a dangerous precedent.”     — researcher Ishak Ibrahim of the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights

“Bankrupt Professors and Pastors”

Dr. Bill Warner discusses “bankrupt professors and pastors.” 

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