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Month: February 2017

Army Places Muslim in Charge of 14k Soldiers

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Did Lt. Col. Khallid Shabazz get his new job as an army chaplain as a validation of “hard work” or because he is Muslim in a politically correct world?  Whatever the case, he is now the “spiritual leader for over 14,000 Christian soldiers.”

The Army is oblivious to the true teachings of Islam.  Satan must be smiling as he gets more of his way on this earth, distracting people from Truth as they worship gods with any name in the name “God.” It’s sickening to the pit of the stomach to know that a man who professed Jesus (or did he?) at one point in his life has turned his back on the Savior of all humanity to bow down to the teachings of a self-made prophet, pedophile, and hater and murderer of Christians and Jews.

For those of you who profess Christianity, and believe that all worship leads to “God,” read the words of Jesus — all of them — and compare them to the words of Mohamed — all of them. Islam teaches that Jesus was a “prophet” only. In a Muslim’s world, Jesus is nothing more than one of us — not the Son of God. Not the Savior of the world. Just a “good man.” If Jesus was only a “good man,” how can a “good man” also be a liar?

France: 245% Rise in Anti-Christian Attacks

Since 2008, the number of attacks on Christians in France has risen by 245%. Why are the eyes of the world veiled from truth concerning Islam?

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