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Month: December 2016

Some “Good News” Within the Chaos in Germany

God’s light is shining at the end of the refugee tunnel in Germany as some Muslims convert to Christianity.  Pray for the safety and well-being of these new Christians. Their choice will not be an easy one to live out; they may face hatred, violence and even death by their own Muslim friends and family members, who will be acting on the teachings and directives of Islam.

Read the Yahoo news story.

A Muslim Student Challenges Ravi Zacharias

Ravi Zacharias is a brilliant Christian Apologist. Watch Zacharias respectfully answer a Muslim student, who believes that Islam is the authority when it comes to God.


The Fraud of Islam in America

Islam in Dearborn, Michigan

Watch the video

No integration.

No interaction.

No diversity.

No respect for America, the host country, let alone Americans.

No respect for anything that is not Islam.

From Dennis Michael

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