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Month: November 2016

Sharia and The Constitution: Compatible?

Read the very informative article by Bill Federer to understand the history of Islam as it relates to the first settlers in America . . . and how it relates today.  Decide for yourself if Islam is compatible with the The Constitution of the United States.

“Should a nation grant freedom of speech to those whose ultimate goal is to abolish freedom of speech?”

Read the full article.

Where are the Feminists?

If you have never read the basic principles of Feminist Theory, please do. Then you might like to read the “Mission and Principles” of Feminism. As you may have guessed before even accessing these links, Feminists want to create “bold, new strategies and programs to advance women’s equality . . . ”

So where are the Feminists when it comes to Islam? As a Christian woman, I’ve had to endure long lectures from Atheists/Feminists on how rotten Christianity is for all women as they misinterpret Paul’s writings in the book of Romans and more. Try to have a conversation about Islam and the door of conversation is shut immediately. The lecturers either turn and run, or expound on the “beauty” of Islam, or justify it as “just another religion.” Tell that to Muslim women who are being tortured, raped, murdered and forced to marry men they do not love by their own Muslim family members. I’m sickened by the hypocrisy of Leftist Feminists who refuse to acknowledge the barbaric teachings of Sharia Law concerning women.

Case and Point: The U.K. is admitting that the police force is ignoring and/or refusing to take on “too hot to handle” cases of forced marriages within their Muslim communities. Read the story from

Muslim immigrants secretly hate Christians. Why is anyone surprised?

A 39-year-old translator who lives in Germany and works with Muslim immigrants was shocked to find that most Muslim immigrants loathe Germans and have plans to “destroy” them by having more children and preaching hatred toward non-Muslims. Read more.

Surprised? You shouldn’t be.  The doctrine of Islam mandates hatred of non-Muslims. “Defending Christians is a sin.” Do your due diligence. Understand that we are in the midst of a spiritual battle.

0.9% Syrian Refugees Admitted to US are Christians

Of the 14,074 Syrian refugees who were allowed into the US since the Paris attacks by ISIS that killed 130 people, only 0.9% were categorized as Christians:

  • 17 Catholics
  • 15 Orthodox
  • 5 Protestants
  • 4 Jehovah’s Witnesses
  • 1 Greek Orthodox
  • 41 described as “Christian” with no further information provided.

Read more from CNS News.

2016 U.S. Syrian Refugee Resettlement up 675%, 99.1% Muslim

CNS news reports that of the 13,210 Syrian refugees resettled into the U.S. in 2016, 99.1%, or 13, 100, are Muslims . . . and 77 are Christians. The most important red flag about this immigration is buried within the very last sentence of the article:

“One new report estimates that the Syrian Christian population has dropped from 1.25 million in 2011 to less than 500,000 this year.”

CNS states that as the civil war began in 2011, 74% of the Syrian population was Sunni Muslim and 10 percent was Christian.

Question: Why would more than 700,000 Christians — of the 1.25 million, or only 10% of the population, who lived in Syria — abandon their homeland?

Answer: Because they were forced to do so by Muslims who have escalated the war and will not live in harmony with anyone except fellow Muslims. Christians face losing their lives or fleeing their home country. And it’s not just happening in Syria. The phenomenon is reality all throughout the Middle East.

Now apply these facts and numbers to the immigration of Muslims (legal and illegal) in America today and you will understand the importance of the last sentence in the article.  Read the posts within this website that contain facts and figures about Muslim immigration and integration (or lack thereof)  and ask yourself:

“Will Christians in America still be free to:

  • Celebrate Christmas,
  • Wear crosses in public,
  • Sing Christmas carols,
  • Attend church services on Sundays,
  • Or even pray and discuss the Bible in our own homes within the next 10 years if Muslim immigration continues at the current pace, or at higher levels?

We’ve already seen the myriad of news stories over the years about Christians who have been told to take a back seat to Muslim beliefs in American society.

Read the entire CNS article about the current state of Muslim immigration in the U.S.

Read the agenda of the Muslim Brotherhood. Pay close attention to Page 6 and the Muslim Brotherhood Agenda:

The Muslim Brotherhood Agenda

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