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Month: September 2016

What is the Muslim Brotherhood?

Most Americans have no idea what Muslims believe. In fact, too many Christians believe that Islam is “just another religion.” Islam is not just another religion. It is a political agenda now aimed at destroying Christianity and the West. That is not conjecture, because proof of this agenda exists and has been found by federal investigators.

Read a Muslim Brotherhood memorandum found via a 2004 federal investigation.

Read the entire memorandum here.

View all organizations and individuals found within the Muslim Brotherhood.

Now ask yourself why the president of the United States would entertain members of the Muslim Brotherhood in the White House and choose to support the global Islamist militant groups in any way, shape or form.

Minnesota: Sharia Preferable to American Law

Somalians in the Twin Cities “love” America, but they feel more comfortable under Sharia law. Over and over, Muslims answered: They prefer Sharia.

As an American, as a pastor, you need to understand Sharia law.

Islamic Indoctrination In Our Schools


The first text book used in American public schools was the Bible. Today, anything that even suggests the idea of Christianity in public schools is banned. However, the study and glorification of Islam is alive and well. (As a pastor of the Christian faith, have you ever asked yourself why this is happening and what you can do about it?)

Please access the link to a story about a young girl who attended the 11th grade at La Plata High School in Maryland. Her parents, John Kevin and Melissa Wood, are suing the school because their daughter was forced to profess allegiance to Islam in school work assignments. She had to recite and write the defining statement of Islam, “There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is his messenger,” and was taught other general statements (and outright lies) about the Islamic faith, such as “Allah is the same God that is worshiped in Christianity and Judaism.”

The girl’s father was banned from school property after voicing his objections. The school refused her parents’ request that their daughter be given an alternate assignment, so they are now suing the school.

Read more.

If you know little about the teachings Islam, please take the time to research.  Islamic indoctrination is taking place in schools all across America.

“HERETIC” – Why Islam Needs a Reformation Now

Hirsi Ali . . . agitates Muslims and non-Muslims alike by arguing, as she does in “Heretic,” that “Islamic violence is rooted not in social, economic or political conditions — or even in theological error — but rather in the foundational texts of Islam itself.” — NYT

The New York Times published an article in 2015 about Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a former Muslim woman who speaks out — bravely and loudly — against Islam. She is forced to be brave, because she is in constant danger of having her life taken by Muslims who have labeled her an enemy of Islam.

The Times reporter writes that Ayaan Hirsi Ali denounced her Muslim faith and wrote a book about it titled, “Heretic – Why Islam Needs a Reformation Now.”  In it Hirsi Ali relates how she endured genital mutilation as a child in Somalia, wore a full hijab in Kenya and re-evaluated her faith while living in the Netherlands and working with Theo Van Gogh, who was shot and stabbed after producing a film that was critical of Islam’s treatment of women.

Hirsi Ali asserts that “Islam is not a religion of  peace,” and that jihad is not a problem brought about by poverty, lack of education or other social circumstances, but rather jihad is a “religious obligation.” She calls for a secular law above Sharia law, and points to Muslim belief in Mohamed’s infallibility as the root of Muslim violence, because Mohamed’s life and teachings call for violence against non-Muslims.

Even after Hirsi Ali details her torture and peril at the hands of Islam — both as a Muslim and a Muslim woman, the New York Times writer fails to understand Hirsi Ali’s plea: Muslim clerics and all followers of Islam (and non-Muslims who know nothing about Islam) need to take a hard look at Mohamed and his teachings to understand that real reformation is needed.

Read the entire New York Times article.

The Real History of the Middle East

Read a brief history of the Middle East from American Minute. Understand where the first empirical powers were located as mentioned in the Old Testament, and then how Islam came to power, beginning in 634 A.D., and claimed the advancements of other civilizations as their own.

Read the entire article.


Up to 1 Million White, English Children Victims of Muslim Rape Gangs

These are sometimes girls who are picked up from a children’s home on a Friday, are being raped during the course of a weekend by hundreds of men and returned with bleeding groins back to the children’s’ home on a Monday morning and they don’t do anything about it at all.

The government and media coverup of the direct assault on children by Muslim males for the sake of political correctness can be nothing less than pure evil. All over Great Britain, Muslim gangs have been kidnapping white, English children, some as young as nine years old. They woo them,  violently rape them and threaten them with death. Imagine — 1 MILLION innocent, defenseless English children.

“A Muslim male is 170 times more likely to be a part of sex grooming gang than a non-Muslim.” — CBN News

God help us all for ignoring the blind eye of Islam — and turning our own blind eye to all of it.

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