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Coming to an American City Near You

Islamic jihadists will be targeting American churches, if specific plans are not in the works already. What will you do if they come to yours?

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 9.43.56 AMImagine yourself standing at the pulpit. Suddenly, men appear, force you to your knees and slit your throat in front of your parishioners. Think it can’t happen in America? In your church?

The world knows the details of the gruesome death of  86-year-old Fr Jacques Hamel in France on July 26th. The jihadists recorded the scene, “like they were performing a sermon in Arabic around the alter,” Sister Danielle related to reporters. Two Islamic jihadists targeted the Catholic church while the morning worship service was in session on July 26, 2016. After slitting the priest’s throat, they took took three hostages to the front door. When police arrived, the men charged the police, shouting Allahu akbar” as they were shot dead.

Let’s look closely at the facts:

  • The men were young Muslims.
  • The police knew they were known by police to ISIS sympathizers.
  • They yelled “Allahu akbar” as they were shot by police.

But let’s look at the most telling fact:

A classmate of one of the attackers noted, “We tried to reason with him, but every time we tried to reason with him he would reply with some verse from the Koran .  . . ”

As leaders of the free world try to make excuses and justify reasons why the violence continues to escalate, the teachings of Mohammed and the Koran, the Hadith and Sira are totally ignored. The doctrine of Islam calls for violence and the taxing, murder and torture of those who are not Muslim for the sake of Allah and the furthering of Islam. In the mind of too many Muslims, we are the enemy.

“You Christians, you kill us.” Sister Danielle related what one attacker told her as she tried to flee.

You must understand the doctrine of Islam, share it with your parishioners and make plans as to how you and your congregation will deal with the likely probability of Islamic violence coming to American churches.

As Haras Rafiq of The Quilliam Foundation told the BBC:

“They have selected a target that is going to be virtually impossible to defend and patrol in the western world.”

Read the BBC article.

“And I hope America will understand . . . “

A Syrian Nun and Relief Leader has a Message for America.
So why are Christians plugging their ears?

I stood as a visitor in a church service on Sunday. The praise band was wonderful. The pastor gave a stirring sermon. The people responded with “Amen.” I counted my blessings as an American. But as I stood and looked at the beautiful stained glass windows and watched the mothers with their arms around their children, and husbands with their arms around their wives, tears welled up in my eyes. I was thinking of all the Christians in specific parts of the world who would never experience the type of worship service I was experiencing: A safe one.

Christ died for us, but more than that, He died, and descended into Hell. Christians don’t like to think about that.

Looking around the sanctuary, I wondered how many Christians in the room understood what was really happening at the hands of Islam. How many even understood the basic doctrines of Islam? The preacher stated that we are called to love all people. Yes, our God is quite emphatic on that subject. Christ died for us, but more than that, He died, and descended into Hell. Christians don’t like to think about that. Well, what do we think He was doing for three days?! He was fighting our battle for us!  Then He rose again so that whosoever believes in Him (the fact that He would do such a thing because he LOVES us) would have eternal life.

I’m not sure many of us who call ourselves Christians really understand: The “eternal” fight is over. The battle is won. God has saved those who love Him from eternal evil and torture (Hell/life without Him). However, what are we to understand and take action upon during our time on this earth as Satan seemingly gains more control, deceiving even Christians into thinking that Allah is God? Many may very well experience Hell on earth if they continue to fail to recognize the difference between good and evil. The Church is already falling away; it is not standing for its own faith.

In helping people understand the doctrine of Islam, we are not calling pastors — or anyone — to hate. We are calling for pastors to match love to reason and wisdom in order to better equip themselves and their parishioners to fight the spiritual battle that is raging today!

In helping people understand the doctrine of Islam, we are not calling pastors — or anyone — to hate. We are calling for pastors to match love to reason and wisdom in order to better equip themselves and their parishioners to fight the spiritual battle that is raging today!  Instead, our churches are full of pastors who are ignoring Ephesians 6:11-12.

11 Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes. 12 For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. (NIV)

A year’s worth of sermons are in those two sentences if every word were to be carefully considered! To start, putting on the full armor of God means doing all that we can do in love, but it also means recognizing the devil’s schemes and pointing them out.

  • Satan wants you to believe there’s not much you can do to change things for the better when it comes to ISIS.
  • Satan wants you to believe in putting political correctness above your belief in Jesus.
  • Satan wants you to believe that not offending non-Christians is the best way to “love” those who do not believe in God.
  • Satan wants you to believe it’s OK to stay in a “safe space” as a pastor by preaching on scriptures that will not offend anyone in your congregation.
  • Satan wants you to put your trust in government above God and let government handle ISIS.
  • Satan wants you to believe that love “alone” will fix everything, we just need to sit back and “love.” (RED ALERT: Love is a verb in God’s world!)
  • Satan wants you to believe that your parishioners don’t need to understand Islam to realize what is really happening to their persecuted brothers and sisters all over the world —  it’s too far away, it doesn’t affect “us.”
  • Satan wants the world to believe all gods are the same and that Allah is just another word for the Judeo-Christian God of the universe.

How can we be Light if we won’t recognize that we’re standing smack dab in the middle of darkness?!

It’s easy to love those who love us.  As the violence is ratcheted up, it looks like it’s becoming even easier for Christians in America to ignore those who hate us, because The Church is doing next to nothing. How can we be Light if we won’t recognize that we’re standing smack dab in the middle of darkness?!

Please read the story of the Syrian Nun who spells it out, because she survives through the horrific truth on a daily basis. She states:  “Whoever says ISIS has no connection to Islam . . . is a liar. ISIS is Islam, Islam is ISIS.” Read the article from CNS News.

Understand, my dear pastor. Please begin to understand. We cannot ignore what is happening. We cannot serve two gods; we must be able to decipher which one is false . . . and like the Syrian nun, be unafraid to point out the scheme, instead of ignoring it and going with the flow of political correctness.  “Islam is not peace.”  

The Deliberate Veil

What’s missing from an L.A. Times story is the most important headline of all.

Western journalism continues its intrigue with Islam. For every headline written about Islamic violence, another gives lip service to the “goodness” of the religion.

June 20, 2016 – The Los Angles Times published an article titled: “With smuggled sperm, Palestinians sire children from behind Israeli prison bars.” The story is about a young Muslim woman who had been married less than three weeks when her husband was arrested and carted off to an Israeli jail because he was a wanted Palestinian militant. No details are given concerning the criminal acts committed by the Palestinian. Did he kill another woman’s husband and/or children? Oh, but among Palestinians, convicted criminals like this man are “considered a cause celebre.” A Palestinian doctor at a fertility clinic considers artificial insemination of Muslim women to be “a national mission, and a national achievement.”

Populate. Dominate.

Of course, the (good implied) Palestinian doctor would feel this way. One of the “missions” of Islam it so populate the world with more Muslims. The more Muslims, the less Jews, Christians and other Kafirs (non-Muslims) in the world to contend with, and the more likely that Islam will rule, which is an edict from The Prophet himself, Mohammed.

But let’s look even closer. The reporter, who happens to be man, by the way, makes sure his readers understand how complete the young Muslim wife feels after she gives birth, and to a son. She was able to smuggle her husband’s sperm out of the prison in a candy wrapper to make the blessed event happen. She talks about not fitting in with her Muslim in-laws when she had no children. “Before I had no place in their family.” Nowhere does the reporter question why she had no place. Being a daughter-in-law wasn’t enough to receive love and acceptance from her in-laws?  (If the story had been written about a Western woman, she may have been hounded by a reporter as to why it would take a husband and children to make her feel complete.)

Within Islam, Muslim women are counted for nothing unless they become mothers.

Within Islam, Muslim women are counted for nothing unless they become mothers. The existence of a women is contingent on her marriage to a man and giving birth to sons. Mohammed made it clear. A woman’s highest achievement is motherhood. But there’s more . . .

*Most of the people in Hell are women.

*Women are less intelligent than men.

*Women have half the legal standing of men.

*Women are an affliction to men.

*The religion of a woman is controlled by a man.

All of the negative statements listed above concerning women in Islam can be found within the Islamic doctrine of the Trilogy that governs Islam: Koran, Hadith (Traditions) and Sira (Life of Mohammed).

Sometimes a headline is just that. Dig deeper. Read between the headlines. Understand that it may be harder to see Truth from this side of the deliberate veil.

Learn more about “The Islamic Doctrine of Women

Read the L.A. Times story


When Violence is a Virtue

Winston Churchill described Islam as a: “… system of ethics, which regards treachery and violence as virtues rather than vices.”

Read the daily headlines; it’s rare to find a day when Islamic violence is not in the news. Churchill new the future would hold great consequences for civilization if the world failed to recognize the “system” that is Islam. The future is now. The “system” of virtuous violence is gaining ground. How will civilized people stop the destruction? The first step is to understand that Islam is not part of our ecumenical (involving people from different kinds of Christian churches) society. We do not serve the same God, especially when treachery and violence are regarded as virtues rather than vices. Pastors, understand! We are in the middle of a spiritual war.


The Secret Planting


Why would “Christian” organizations, such as Catholic Charities and Lutheran Social Services, hold secret meetings to discuss and act upon the importation of Muslim refugees at the behest of the federal government with taxpayer money without notifying taxpayers? Is this the Christian thing to do? The practice has become common in cities across America, and the results have not been positive.

Read more about this issue. Understand exactly what is happening.




Inside the ‘Mind of Terror’

A former Muslim jihadist has written a book titled “The Mind of Terror.” He states that he is uniquely qualified to shed light on Islamic extremism. After coming to America in the 1970s and becoming a Christian, he wants to share what he feels motivates ISIS and how best to respond to those who hate.

Watch the CBN interview.

Onward Christian . . . Soldiers?


I stood in a church one Sunday and listened to a young woman express her disdain for the hymn Onward Christian Soldiers. In her view, the word “soldiers” should not be used in the context of Christianity; it was politically incorrect and offensive.  Obviously, she hasn’t read much about how Paul lived and what he wrote, nor does she understand, as Christian author Mike Adams puts it, “Jesus was not Mr. Rogers. He had little tolerance for the smug moral superiority of those who grasp the truth but lack the faith and courage necessary to defend it.”

You may think the following article by Mr. Adams has nothing to do with the subject of this website. Oh, but it does. Please read “Onward Christian Pansies.”

Who do you work for — God or man? When was the last time you truly lived everything that you believe? Preached everything that you believe? Even at the cost of your “job”? Depending upon your answers, you may want to dive deeper into your handbook (God’s Bible) to understand your requirements as His employee (soldier for Christ).

In 2 Timothy, Paul encourages Timothy, a man who would have to step up and lead, to "endure hardship like a good soldier." We are to march in line behind Christ, stand the test and not be ashamed of the Gospel. Speak it! Live it! Whatever it costs! 

Paul says we are not to be "entangled with civilian affairs." That means we are not to be involved in pursuits that are of the world and not of God. At the same time, we are not to be silent concerning the Gospel in order to avoid human hardship at the hands of other humans because we fear losing our friends, our jobs -- our lives.  

"Endure everything for the sake of the elect." We must endure everything for the sake of The Church, those who believe in the Kingdom of God, because we are under His superior leadership and must obey and please Him first. We are to die to this world (and the opinions that are contrary to God's Word) and serve in God's army. Read that last sentence again. Are you getting entangled in people's worldly and Godless opinions just to get along? Paul knew he had to leave and was warning the timid Timothy that he must stand firm and direct The Church in order to become a worker "approved by God." In other words, none of us can be Christian  pansies and expect God's approval.


Muslim Refugees Terrorize Minnesota Neighborhood


Understanding Sharia Law and a woman’s place within Islam will help you understand why these events are not disconnected from the Muslim religion.

Read the first-hand account of the Muslim rape threat.

Order and read Bill Warner’s book: The Islamic Doctrine of Women.

Muslims in America Choose Sharia over the Constitution

Shocking Polls Show What U.S. Muslims Think of U.S. Laws

Of 600 U.S. Muslims polled of high socio-economic status:

*58% did not believe in freedom of speech.

*25% believe that violence in the U.S. is justified as part of global jihad.

*12% believe in death to Americans who criticize or parody Islam.

Read more.

0.3 Percent of Syrian Refugees Admitted to U.S. Were Christians


Why are you not banning together as leaders of  The Christian Church to defend your brothers and sisters in Christ, who are being persecuted in the name of Islam? You should be contacting your government representatives and the media concerning the continued and outright discrimination against Christian refugees by the Federal government.

Syrian Refugees Admitted to U.S. More Than Doubled in June; 0.3 Percent Were Christians


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